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Summer Dreaming

Martial Arts Inspiration in Oak Park

Following the journey of our Miss Jones, we proudly present her second in a series of thoughts on the mat – Enjoy!

Someone once told me, “when you work on little things, big things happen.”

I believe that setting goals for one’s self if vital for personal growth.

3 Goals for Happiness in Practice that I have set for mys elf is to start doing more and thinking less, to be more patient with myself, and to own at least one new thing or improvement from each class.

I am often told that I over-think things way too much.  So in practice, I now work on becoming more fluid without having interrupted thoughts or self-dialogue of am I doing this right? What was that move again? or, OMG, I have so much work to do when I leave here!  I can do this by allowing myself to be present in each moment here and now.  I can also achieve this goal by embracing my confidence and approaching each class with clarity and purpose.

Now, to the patience: nothing worth having happens overnight.  Sometimes I get upset when I forget something or can’t grasp a move right away.  I can master with practice – difficulty fades and skill emerges.

Finally, to Own at least one new thing or improvement from each class: a new technique, tweaking one I already know, stretching farther, breathing deeper, kicking with snap, jumping higher.  I can do this by setting an intention for my practice.  My summer happiness, my life happiness, has been secured!

Submitted Summer’s Eve, 2014 by Miss Kimberly Jones

Green Belt Ceremony