Essay Question – December 2017

Congratulations to all of the children who came forward to test for promotion, and to the teens and adults who are preparing for their test on Saturday, December 9th.  We are so happy to see your skills and confidence grow.  Every day, you get better and better, and your determination and dedication is INSPIRING!  Thanks […]

The Symbolic Tree of Martial Arts

What Are The Different Types of Martial Arts?

Questions, we get so many questions about the different styles of martial arts!  There are many reasons to study martial arts and there are several benefits from physical training to improved discipline and mental sharpness. It has proven effective in managing many physical & mental afflictions, from childhood asthma, attention disorders, stress and anxiety.  Martial […]

Why do I need Martial Arts Training?

One late evening, while working late again, it dawns on you:  You want to journey somewhere, use your imagination, experience a faraway culture, get strong & flexible (physically & mentally), learn some skills that can help you in times of need, sharpen your memory and reflexes, and provide healthy structure, achievement and community all in […]

Promote Yourself!

Today we gather with our Martial Arts Family: teachers, parents, students and friends, to celebrate your successful achievement into new discovery and responsibility!  Discovery of how strong, poised and capable you can become, and Responsibility that comes through knowledge, experience and a higher skill level.  We watch with pride, how all of you rise to […]


Back-to-School with Master Yu

Ahhhhh, the season to learn, new beginnings, embracing change, and getting strong.   We say, it’s time for Back-to-School for All Ages!  Let’s learn some new skills! Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts is the only dedicated Martial Arts Education Center in the area devoted entirely to Martial Arts Education and promoting a true martial artists’ lifestyle.  […]

kids karate class

Essay Question: June 2017

Congratulations to all the children and youth who came forward for promotion test on June 3rd – we were so happy to see the growth and artistry that you have brought to your martial arts practice during this spring quarter!  We are proud of each and every one of you, and looking forward to embracing […]

Master Yu Summer Camps 2017

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts offers world-class instruction in traditional martial arts throughout the year, which means our 6-day per week class schedule continues throughout the summer.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that summer offers to immerse yourself in the beauty, imagination, health and wellness benefits of your martial arts practice. […]