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How do I register?

Ready to register? Here are your next steps:

  1. Call (708) 383-3456 to make an appointment to come over to observe a class, OR just stop over during the class of interest – appointments are not necessary but are, of course, appreciated!  We look forward to welcoming visitors to our center and meeting our future students!
  2. If it seems like a good fit for us both, we will invite you to register in person or fill out the online registration application form.  This process involves about 10 minutes to complete your enrollment documents and decide on a membership to meet your learning objectives. You can purchase your training uniform, and we will meet to set up your start date!

We are happy and thankful to continue serving the community with high quality, useful, and practical martial arts instruction.

We have designed an accessible and result-oriented training schedule for all students! Please note our schedule is subject to change without notice, and we will be making adjustments to meet the needs and demands of our students.

We continue our LIVE classes with strict cleaning and safety procedures.   Let’s be and stay healthy together in our martial arts practice!   It is a painless and easy way to ensure our community health and rebuild the live practice that everyone enjoys!  IT’S IN THE CREED: “Preserve Life, Don’t Destroy!”

All Group Classes – Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings; in addition, we have our Saturday Family Class at 10 am for Blue Belts and Above only (all ages – no beginners on Saturdays).  We will continue to make adjustments as conditions and circumstances change and improve.  Our class schedule will continue to evolve as we prepare a new generation of martial artists for the demands of good citizenship and good health.  Let us all Preserve Life and do Our Part to promote the health and wellness of our community.


Type of Class Time

Children Level 1 Beginners through Green Stripe Belt







Children/Youth Level 2 Advanced Purple through Black Belts







Children Blue Belt and Above 




Adult/Teen Classes  




Morning Class Blue Belt and Above – all ages – no beginners





Kumdo: The Art of the Sword




***The Dojhang is cleaned and sanitized after every class***


Before registering, please review & be familiar with these guidelines:

  • We will continue private lessons based on availability every weekday and Saturday afternoons both LIVE and on Zoom, as requested; all by appointment. We are so happy to connect for training on Zoom with our out of town students!
  • Changing Rooms remain closed; students, please arrive in uniform ready for class. Bring your own water/water bottle with clear ID and towel (if desired).  Cubbies are installed along the North side of the building, however we encourage you to minimize bringing personal items into the dojhang.  If you are sick or exhibit symptoms of illness, you will be kindly asked to return home to recover.  We have installed a touchless hand-sanitizer: please use upon entry and before leaving!
  • Face Masks are optional for students, parents and visitors.  (Instructors will continue to mask while teaching)  Parents and Family Visitors are Welcome!  All prospective students encouraged to call to book an appointment to visit, but it’s not mandatory. Please contact with any questions/concerns/suggestions.  We are here for you! We are continuing to monitor occupancy /demand to guide our scheduling decisions.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding this class schedule, please contact Master Wilson at 708-383-3456 or We are ready to guide you in making all your martial arts dreams come true!

Call Us Now (708) 383-3456