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We are proud to present our teacher’s and our Dojhang’s qualifications at your service, to give you the highest standard of martial arts training available.   We present a true, educational experience in martial arts practice for you and your children, which will ultimately guide you in discovering how capable, how excellent you are. GrandMaster Yu and our Instructors are continuously training and growing their own practice, and model, by example, the way of a true martial artist.


Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts Instructors are dedicated professionals, trained from the ground-up by GrandMaster Yu.  Each Instructor is trained according to the most rigorous standards to uphold the care and quality of skills, your personal achievement, and pure enjoyment on the mat.    We are all Internationally Certified by Kukkiwon, The World Tae Kwon Do Federation, International Hapkido Federation, and, as students who continue our training under GrandMaster Yu, are immersed in a complete Martial Arts Curriculum, including Kumdo, Artistic Weaponry, and KickBoxing.  As High-Ranking 6th, 5th and 4th Dan Master Instructors, and 3rd & 2nd Dan Full Instructors, we share GrandMaster Yu’s passion for Martial Arts Excellence, and look forward to seeing your success and enjoyment in your own study of these beautiful martial arts!  We are ready to serve you!