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Martial Arts Master Sr. GrandMaster Yu, a 9th-Dan, World-Class, Internationally Recognized GrandMaster, has dedicated more than a half century to Martial Arts.

A lifetime of study and service to the evolution and continuous development of Martial Arts distinguishes him as an elite achiever who is affiliated and recognized by significant martial arts organizations, including:

His expertise includes study, practice, and choreography of various traditional Martial Arts, including Kumdo (Swords) and Artistic Weaponry, with the goal of promoting unity of body, mind and spirit.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s Belief and Mission

He firmly believes that the study of martial arts can and will make everyone a more capable and fully realized person.  His mission: To guide you in recognizing how truly valuable you are, and how to make yourself valuable as a community builder, citizen, leader, and loyal son, daughter, wife, husband, employee in the Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, Elmwood Park, Berwyn, Riverside, Chicago/Galewood, Chicago/Austin area.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s Passion for Teaching

Sr. GrandMaster Yu is the long-time student of the Tae Kwon Do Song Moo Kwan organization founded by Supreme GrandMaster Byung Jick Ro, one of the First Generation Senior GrandMasters, the Father of Modern Tae Kwon Do. He was the student of other historically significant Master teachers in a variety of disciplines, including the Korean Hapkido Founder, SupremeGrandMaster Myung.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu earned the title of Master Teacher in 1978, at an early age, appointed by Supreme GrandMaster BJ Ro, and recognized for his natural ability of combining artistic skill with a talent for teaching. He received numerous citations for teaching excellence and artistic development, and enjoys teaching martial arts classes and Tae Kwon Do classes to lifelong learners as the foundation of a healthy, balanced life beyond sports and competition.

After traveling with students early in his U.S. career on the tournament circuit, over time he observed the absence of quality and integrity in the martial arts sports arena. While he recognizes the value of competition, he believes students deserve to learn beyond what tournaments and trophies can offer, and feels responsible to impart a well-rounded, quality martial arts education.  Our students become lifelong learners, with a vast repertoire of skills and disciplines extending from Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s catalogue of forms, techniques, and original choreography.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s Journey to the United States

Sr. GrandMaster Yu came by invitation to the United States, first teaching in Ohio, where currently his students, now Masters, are teaching and promoting Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s unique curriculum.  He subsequently established Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts in Chicago/Oak Park and River Forest.

He is the Founder of Martial Arts in Oak Park/River Forest and the surrounding area, and has taught generations of martial artists: 15 Martial Arts Masters*, many Instructors, and over 300 BlackBelts, many of whom continue to actively train exclusively with Sr. GrandMaster Yu through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Dan. *To be appointed Master under Sr. GrandMaster Yu, one must attain 5th Dan, which is close to 20 years of intense study.

Opportunities for Students through Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts

Students are welcome to a challenging, safe and friendly environment, where they excel and discover their best selves.  His teaching philosophy is traditional, with a practical and achievable approach for everyone, regardless of body type, age or gender. He feels strongly that whoever invests the time to train with him shall possess efficient skills, and know how to successfully use these skills for to defend and protect themselves.

Our dedicated team of Martial Arts Oak Park instructors, trained “from the ground up” by Sr. GrandMaster Yu promote the highest standards of safety, attention and accuracy to ensure a solid understanding of the techniques. You deserve to study with the Best: Oak Park Martial Arts Original Dojhang is Your destination for true Martial Arts in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, Elmwood Park, Berwyn, Riverside, and Chicago/Galewood. Proudly approaching our 25th year of teaching True Martial Arts in Oak Park!

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For more information about Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s experience in martial arts about our classes, please contact Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts directly at (708) 383-3456.

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