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Private Martial Arts And Self Defense Lessons In Oak Park And River Forest, IL

Private Martial Arts and Self Defense Lessons in Oak Park and River Forest, IL

GrandMaster Yu is available for hour-long private martial arts and self defense lessons in Oak Park, IL. Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the student and their training objectives.  Master Wilson is available for 30- and 60-minute Oak Park private martial arts lessons and will expertly focus on development of the young child and color belt students to improve their martial arts practice.

One-on-One Private TrainingKumdo Martial Arts Sword in Berwyn, IL

One-on-one training is a great way to focus on special interests of the student, invigorate your practice, gain mastery over that difficult skill that has eluded you, or simply just a fun way to continuously go for your personal best.

Whatever the reason, students of every age emerge with a high level of skill, confidence and motivation to be their best and to enjoy the movements and discoveries of their martial arts journey!  Schedule your lessons today!

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For more information or to enroll in private martial and self defense arts lessons, contact Master Yu Martial Arts at (708) 383-3456 or fill out a contact form. We will be in touch shortly.

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