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Artistic Weaponry: Twin Sticks And Nunchauks Defense Art

Artistic Weaponry: Twin Sticks and Nunchauks Defense Art


Learn the Twin Sticks and Nunchauka: Build Your Confidence!

A great foundation in martial arts weaponry – you will experience the simplicity, joy of movement, and all-around practicality of this mentally & physically engaging workshop. You embrace improved focus, confidence, and grip, in using the weaponry to extend the perimeter of your training area.

This is a dynamic workshop that gives the serious martial artist an entry into the world of Artistic Weaponry. Sr. GrandMaster Yu guides you using the E Dan (Twin Sticks) and Nunchauka: making self-defense with accessible objects possible, while also learning coordination of blocks and strikes, weapons carriage, and historical background of weaponry training.

What to Expect

As with all of our workshops, Sr. GrandMaster Yu will meet each student at their own level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and build on the existing skills from previous workshops.  Self-defense techniques, forms, and working with a partner all combine to improve coordination, attention, and well-being – plus it is SUPER FUN!  Challenge yourself!

Prerequisite: Registered Students, Blue Belt and above.

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