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Kumdo Martial Arts – The Art Of The Sword – Oak Park, River Forest, IL

Kumdo Martial Arts – The Art of the Sword – Oak Park, River Forest, IL

Dating back to before the Common Era, during the period of The Three Kingdoms, the ancient art of Kumdo, or Korean swordsmanship, remains as an enduring practice of grace, power and dignity.  “Kumdo” is “The Art of the Sword.”

Study this ancient Art with GrandMaster Yu to develop a powerful sense of calm, confidence and focus.  This rigorous workout will train you to challenge and conduct yourself at a higher level of awareness.  You will learn sword etiquette, along with drawing, retreating and sparring techniques.  We learn and practice with the wooden and bamboo sword.  Students of all ages 10+ benefit from this training.

Classes are ongoing on Saturday at 10:30am.  A rigorous, weekly, one-hour workshop to unite your warrior spirit with your growing physical agility (you may join anytime, but enrollment is limited.)

Experience the exhilaration of lifelong learning with a true total martial artist!  This is True Martial Art at it’s best, NOT sport!  GrandMaster Yu is an internationally certified Kumdo Master of the World Haidong Kumdo Federation.

Contact Master Yu Martial Arts in Oak Park today and make an appoint to observe a class and we will plan your Kumdo Martial Arts Training in Oak Park with you.

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