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Kumdo is the ancient art of Korean swordsmanship that dates back to the Three Kingdoms period before the Common Era.  After thousands of years, Kumdo, or “the art of the sword,” is still a practice of dignity, power, and grace.

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts offer kumdo martial arts training in Riverside, IL and the surrounding areas.

About KumdoKumdo Martial Arts Sword in Berwyn, IL

Training in Kumdo will help you develop focus, confidence, and a sense of calm.  The training is rigorous and challenging and forces you to develop a higher sense of awareness.  These classes will teach sword etiquette as well as techniques for drawing, sparring, and retreating.  Much of the training is done on a wooden or bamboo sword.  All students from the age of 10 and up could benefit from practicing Kumdo.

Our Kumdo classes are a weekly one hour workshop every Saturday at 10:30 am.  These workshops will help you improve your physical agility. Keep in mind that enrollment is limited.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu has been internationally certified by the World Haidong Kumdo Federation as a Kumdo Master.  You can experience learning this exhilarating ancient art with a true, world-renowned martial artist.

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If you live in the Riverside, IL area and you are interested in Kumdo martial arts training, call us at (708) 383-3456 to watch a class.

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