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Master Classes with GrandMaster Yu in Oak Park, IL

Master Classes with GrandMaster Yu, offered selectively throughout the year to registered students, blue belt and above, will isolate the artistic and technical essence of the various dimensions of our Martial Arts Practice.

Based on the needs of current students, classes will highlight:Kumdo Martial Arts Sword in Berwyn, IL

  • Self Defense Techniques and Escape Strategies
  • Traditional Forms
  • Kumdo – Swordsmanship and other specialized artistic weaponry
  • Competitive Sparring

Apart from skills learned in our core martial arts program, GrandMaster Yu takes the emphasis from “learning numbers and promotion requirements” to guiding the students to a deeper understanding of artistic movement and technical precision.

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For more information or to register for our master classes with GrandMaster Yu in Oak Park, IL, contact us directly at (708) 383-3456 or fill out a contact form.

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