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Essay Question – June 2019

Congratulations to our youth and children who all stepped forward with great skill, and to our adult and teen students who will do so this coming Saturday, June 8th. Congratulations are in order as well to all of our GRADUATES!!!…

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Nutrition for Martial Arts Excellence

True Practitioners of the martial arts are physically and mentally strong. Staying fit with endurance building strategies and maintaining muscle strength are requirements for performing the countless sequences that lend vibrancy and purpose to our discipline. Nourishing the body with the…

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Martial Arts - Summer Camps

Martial Arts Summer Camps 2019

Thank you to all of you who have been asking for our summer camp schedule!  Here it is!! Please sign-up early to firm up our training schedule, as all camps require a minimum 10-student /maximum 20-student enrollment.  We are here…

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How to Prevent Injuries in Martial Arts

The martial arts employs skilled techniques, sequencing, and programming, designed directly by GrandMaster Yu for our students, makes injuries a rare occurrence at our Dojhang.  However, there are some injuries such as bruises and sprains the can occur despite the…

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Why Write Essays? News from the Mat

Happy Spring Everyone! A reminder we are not in class this week during our Oak Park River Forest Spring Break.   Hope you are all enjoying a well-deserved rest.  Congratulations to all of our Martial Artists who came forward for…

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7 Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

No matter who we are, focused self-defense is an integral aspect of the martial arts, whether it is tae kwon do, karate, kumdo or Kung Fu. Women are increasingly investing significant time, energy and determination dedicating to study and practice…

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March 2019 Essay Topic

Congratulations to all of our youth and children who tested on March 2nd - we are so proud of you all for your courage, determination and purpose towards your martial arts goals.  We are confident that our adult and teen…

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Kids Karate Classes – Berwyn, IL

When Should Kids Start Martial Arts?

One of the most controversial topics among martial arts and self-defense schools is at what age should kids begin studying martial arts. Many parent’s opinions are also varied; some believe as early as possible while others believe that too early…

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