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6 Benefits Of Private Martial Arts Vs. Park District

6 Benefits of Private Martial Arts vs. Park District

Studying a discipline within the martial arts requires intense focus, commitment and skilled instruction. Martial arts students are more inclined to stay motivated and receive personalized guidance when they train in private martial arts classes, making the investment an incredibly worthwhile one.

Those who pursue martial arts training have plenty of options. Lessons may be taken at the local park district among two dozen other students. Or, group martial arts classes may be held in a dedicated martial arts school. Lastly, students have the option to train in private martial arts classes.

Park District Martial Arts vs. Private Martial Arts

Classes at a local park district are convenient. Families drop off their kids and pick them up after a rigorous 45-minute training session. While the convenience is a benefit, learning the martial arts in a large group setting is a less than ideal scenario for serious students.

In large group settings, students are bound to inadvertently fall into habits of poor technique. Learning a skill incorrectly can lead to frustration and poor execution during practice and even tournaments. Rather than enjoy a fulfilling martial arts experience, the student tolerates a mediocre one.

The solution to practicing wrong techniques and other pitfalls is to seek private martial arts instruction. The model scenario for any avid martial arts student would be to enroll in group classes while also pursuing private lessons. The benefits of one-on-one instruction are many.

1. Choose the right discipline

aikido-hapkido moves

The martial arts is composed of numerous forms. Karate involves a range of useful self-defense maneuvers. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a type of ground fighting. Aikido, Judo, Hapkido and Kung Fu are familiar to many. Tae kwon do and tai chi are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages.

Taking private martial arts lessons helps new students understand the nuances of each discipline. Through expert guidance, the trainees are able to decide which type of martial art is best suited for them. In a school that teaches many disciplines, private instructors demonstrate the basics.

Sampling an array of martial arts styles is an important first step when it comes to choosing a preferred discipline. Learning the basics of ground fighting (like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and standup styles (like Muay Thai), for instance, points novice students in the right direction.

2. Learn the martial arts philosophy

The martial artist is guided by a strong philosophy. Each martial artist develops the mind, body and spirit. Aspects of the mind, like mental training and concentration, are exercised. Rigorous physical conditioning develops the body. The martial artist’s spirit grows to be humble yet confident.

Personalized instruction is the most effective way for the martial artist to learn and fully grasp the three concepts that are integral to the sport. One-on-one instruction allows the student to ask tough questions and receive direct answers in regard to the philosophy that directs a martial artist’s path.

3. Train at your own pace

martial arts training

Students in group settings often learn at varying paces. Some may excel at certain techniques, while others lag behind. By pursuing private martial arts training, the instructor helps individual students develop technical strengths and improve weaknesses in form and execution.

Private instructors provide students with immediate feedback. Weaknesses are targeted and gradually transformed into strengths. Best qualities are readily identified, and the student receives guidance on how best to use those qualities. Through safe and effective training, perfected form results.

4. Prevent plateaus

In group classes, students spar with other trainees with a similar ability level. The student rarely has the opportunity to surpass inevitable ruts. By training with a private instructor, however, the student spars with an expert who has full control over his striking and grappling.

Controlled sparring matches, in which the private instructor’s abilities are well beyond the student’s skill level, allow the student the chance to develop quick thinking skills, respond faster and deliver moves with greater strength. Sparring with a high-level instructor helps the student prevent plateaus.

5. Reach individual goals

Young Martial Artist Oak Park

Personalized training involves developing an exercise routine that propels the student toward his or her ultimate goals. A customized exercise program will consider the student’s individual style and time. Private martial arts lessons can be geared toward improving the student’s overall stamina and strength.

6. Set your own schedule

Personal coaching results in the student learning faster and better on their own schedule. While some students may have prior commitments that prevent them from attending group classes, individual training can be set up on a schedule that works for the student.

Flexibility is a key advantage to private martial arts training. Students have the option to schedule private training regularly or intermittently. The frequency of private instruction can vary based on how often the student is available and willing and ready to move to the next step of training.

Mixing regular martial arts training with a few one-on-one sessions results in greatly improved skill. Keep in mind that the lessons learned in private instruction are often lifelong. Many martial artists recall the instruction received from private coaches throughout their lives.

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Mastering the martial arts requires personal discipline and commitment to the sport. When you are ready to take your skills to the next level through private martial arts lessons, contact Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts in Oak Park, Illinois. We’ll help you reach your martial arts goals quickly and safely.

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts Instructors

Sr GrandMaster Yu offers private one-hour sessions for students who aim to ace their martial arts form and technique. An internationally certified martial arts GrandMaster Teacher, Sr Grand Master Yu takes into account the student’s martial arts objectives and individual ability levels during each lesson.

Whether you are a student of Kung Fu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido or ancient weapons, the private martial arts classes at Master SH Yu Martial Arts will help you reach your goals. Students of every age, from kindergarten through adulthood, reach their potential through our private martial arts lessons.

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