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12 Week Martial Arts – Oak Park, River Forest, IL

12 Week Martial Arts – Oak Park, River Forest, IL

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Are you ready to challenge your body and your mind?

The Master Yu Martial Arts Oak Park 12 Week Program is the perfect way to begin or continue your journey to mastery Martial Arts .  Master Yu’s program teaches an integration of skills from Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo and  Aikido.

The 12 Week Program teaches skills that may be used for self defense, however Master Yu stresses avoidance – recognizing a dangerous situation before it starts and avoiding it.

Unlimited possibilities. Unlimited classes, too.

This program is not just a journey of discovery in the martial arts, it is a journey to improved mental and physical fitness.  You’ll feel positive changes in your energy level as your cardiovascular fitness improves.  In addition to physical benefits many of our students also say our program brings increased focus and attention, and allows them to better control negative emotions such as anger and fear.

The 12 Week Program includes unlimited classes, Monday thru Thursday and Saturday. Classes run 50 minutes for kids and 80 minutes for adults. Yes, you have access to 20+ classes per month, that’s 60+classes in your 12-week course. Excellent Value + High Quality = Effective Skills + Time Well-Spent

Begin your journey

Contact Master Yu Martial Arts Oak Park for a consultation today.  Email us or Call: (708) 383-3456