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Judo is a martial arts discipline that involves lifting, throwing, pinning, and locking techniques to overcome an opponent.  This martial arts discipline is a combat sport that was derived from martial arts practiced by the Samurai and Feudal Warriors of Japan.

At the time, the techniques of judo were meant to hurt, maim, or kill opponents in battle, but modern-day judo techniques have changed so that judo students can practice the techniques without causing harm to their opponents.  The purpose of judo is to subdue an opponent with balance, power and movement, which makes this a simple, yet complex discipline.

Learn Judo from Sr. GrandMaster Yu

Martial Arts Classes

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts incorporates judo skills at our dojhang in Oak Park, IL.  Those who enroll in our classes learn directly from Sr. GrandMaster Yu, one of the highest-ranking senior GrandMasters in the world.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu and our other highly trained and dedicated instructors can help you learn and master the basics of judo within your martial arts practice.

Basic Principles of Judo

As mentioned above, judo focuses exclusively on throwing, pinning, and locking techniques to subdue opponents.  Judo does not involve any striking techniques including punching and kicking, the application of pressure on joints for throwing opponents, or weapons of any type.

The goal of judo sparring is to subdue the opponent using judo techniques, which sounds simple in theory but is more complex in practice.  Students must spend a great deal of time, effort, and energy in order to master the basic techniques of judo.

Principle of Gentleness

The principle of gentleness is an important concept in the discipline of judo.  In fact, this principle is right in the name; “ju” meaning gentle and “do” meaning the way.  As mentioned above, the techniques of judo have been refined over the years so they can be executed in practice without causing harm to the opponent.  The throws and pins of judo may not appear to be gentle, but all judo techniques are in fact based on this principle of gentleness.

Physical Activity of Judo

The techniques of judo require rigorous physical training to master.  Learning and practicing judo will help students improve their physical fitness by developing strength, flexibility, speed, balance, agility, endurance, and explosive power.  Students learn defense techniques which will help develop their physical coordination and reaction time.

Throwing techniques are one of the main techniques used in judo and it takes strong physical and athletic ability to be able to execute these throws properly.  These techniques will train students to throw their opponents with force, speed and control.  There are many different throwing techniques taught in judo, but most who study judo only master a handful of these techniques.

Pinning and submission techniques are also a major element of the practice of judo.  Students learn how to do pinning and submission techniques on the ground and on their feet, giving them a large repertoire of techniques to use and the skills to use them properly.

Why Learn Judo?

Judo is beneficial because it not only improves the physical abilities of the students, but also teaches values like perseverance, loyalty, discipline, and respect.

Judo is more than a martial arts discipline, it is a way of life with its own social manners and etiquette.  Students always train with a partner and this type of training helps them develop strong social relationships and camaraderie out of the shared experience of the intense physical and mentally demanding training.

These social skills and values translate to other areas of life which helps make students more productive and respectful members of society.  Students also develop a strong work ethic and learn how to better control their impulses and emotions.

Study Judo with Sr. GrandMaster Yu

Judo is an excellent physical discipline that will improve your strength, ability, and your social skills, and help you master your emotions.  If you are interested in practicing judo, we incorporate judo training at Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts taught by Sr. GrandMaster Yu and our team of dedicated instructors in the Oak Park and River Forest, IL area.

Sr. GrandMaster Yu is an internationally recognized senior GrandMaster, who has developed this integrated curriculum of martial arts training for health, success and practical self-defense. We can help you develop the foundation you need to handle the physical training and master your skills.

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts is located in Oak Park, IL and we serve those in Chicago and its suburbs with all original curriculum and programming in a variety of martial arts disciplines.

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Call us at (708) 383-3456 for more information about our programs that incorporate Judo and other martial arts.

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