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Sparring/Kicks/Conditioning Boot Camps In Oak Park, IL

Sparring/Kicks/Conditioning Boot Camps in Oak Park, IL


Led by Sr. GrandMaster Yu for intermediate to advanced students blue belt and above.

Students will have the chance to activate and develop the muscle memory and agility needed for success in all  martial arts endeavors; this is especially in sparring situations, both in the ring and out in self-defense.  You need not participate in our Thursday sparring classes to enjoy and improve in this camp.

Sparring Partners

If you have sparring gear, please bring it with you, but it is not necessary for students who are expanding their practice into the sparring realm.

Contact Us

Contact Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts at (708) 383-3456 in Oak Park, IL to register for our Sparring/Kicks/Conditioning Boot Camps. 

Call Us Now (708) 383-3456