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Airborne Kicks Camp

Airborne Kicks Camp

Challenge Yourself: Add Speed, Height, and Velocity!

Sr. GrandMaster Yu leads this “boot camp” style workshop for any student who is ready to launch their kicks beyond their height. You will actually see and feel your technique improve before your eyes (and above your head!). Students receive “Personalized Kick Analysis” (PKA), gaining the confidence and ability to soar through a plateau or achieve a new goal.

Airborne Kicks Camp

Advanced kicks from Sr. GrandMaster Yu’s repertoire include, but are not limited to:

  • Jump Sidekick (single & double)
  • Signature Master Yu Double JumpFrontKick and Scissors Kick (most popular)
  • Jump Wheelkick
  • Spinning Jump Wheelkick

If you are ready for your muscles to remind you that you’re a true martial artist, this is the camp for you! Our Bu-Saboms and Instructors take this camp year after year to continue improving their kicks. And you can too!

Prerequisite: Registered students, Blue Belt and above or Instructor approval.

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