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Martial Arts for Adults – Elmwood Park, IL

Adult & Teen Karate Lesson – Elmwood Park, IL

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts offers martial arts for adults and teens based on traditional martial arts–Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, and Kumdo.

Karate Classes and Martial Arts for Kids – Elmwood Park, IL

Martial Arts for Kids - Elmwood Park, IL

We are the origin home for best karate classes and martial arts for kids, being a part of development of our children in Elmwood Park, IL since 1994.

KinderKarate – Elmwood Park, IL

Preschool Karate class - Elmwood Park IL

KinderKarate is a dynamic preschool karate class. We have been serving the community in the Elmwood Park area with quality martial arts lessons for children since 1994.

Kumdo Martial Arts – The Art of the Sword – Elmwood Park, IL

Elmwood Park- Korean Swords program

Experience lifelong learning for Kumdo Martial Arts with Sr. GrandMaster Yu, an internationally-certified Kumdo Master of the World Haidong Kumdo Federation.

Private Martial Arts Lessons – Elmwood Park, IL

Best Martial Arts Training - Elmwood Park, IL

Our private martial arts lessons provide students with high level skills, confidence and motivation to be the best through one-on-one martial arts training.

12-Week Martial Arts – Elmwood Park, IL

12 Week Martial Arts – Elmwood Park, IL

This program is perfect to begin or continue your journey to Mastery Martial Arts, learning self-defense skills from Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Karate, Kungfu, and more.

Tae Kwon Do – Elmwood Park, IL

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Elmwood Park, IL

Students who study Tae Kwon Do at Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts can learn from Sr. GrandMaster Yu, an internationally recognized expert.

Contact Us

To sign up for one of our karate or martial arts programs in the Elmwood Park, IL area, contact Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts at (708) 383-3456.

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