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Essay Preparation Guidelines

Essay Preparation Guidelines

Here are some tips for your Essay Preparation:

  1.  Please submit a paper that is smooth, unwrinkled, presentation ready, trimmed edges (do not tear out of spiral-bound notebook and hand in the page with ragged edges:-0)
  2. Written Essays:  Please Limit your Essay to a maximum of 2 paragraphs. Handwritten preferred (Adults & Teens may type).  Please include your name, date, rank and age.  Please hand in a paper reflective of something which contains a treasure of thoughts and suitable for binding into our essay collection.
  3.  Young children may choose to depict their essay using either words or pictures. Drawings are encouraged and appreciated!  Students who are still learning to write may dictate their thoughts to parents, who can transpose their message on paper.

Please limit your essay to a maximum of 2 paragraphs, and include your name, date, and current rank.

Here’s a form to use when writing your essay to organize your presentation.  This is optional, but please use it as a resource if needed.

Essay Preparation Template

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