My son was a student for many months at the school before we moved out of state. Let me say this is by far the best karate school ever on the planet! I was overly pleased with the structured skills taught by Master Yu. They were impressive! The fact that the energy in the building is extremely positive had me sold upon entering. Master Yu’s personality is simply the kindest person you’ll ever meet. The discipline is shown in such a healthy way that the students automatically have the highest respect for their instructors. Master Yu sets the tone for being a great leader so gracefully. My son had nothing but respect for Master Yu and the other instructors. Every time he attended class he was intrigued with excitement and dedication. He looked forward to going everyday because he was actually learning. But more importantly, I noticed that he was listening which was something he failed to do at times. The other thing I admired that students had to do were writing assignments to show their diligence and how hard work is earned and not given. The teachings and guidance taught here at this martial arts school is bar to none! The authenticity of the foundation to the basics is set apart from any other karate school my son had attended. The bonus that you receive for being a student here is that Grand Master Yu teaches and passes on ancient traditional martial art styles and skills( nothing you can learn about in a book). How cool is that! My son has developed the greatest skills in martial arts and he applies them to his everyday life. He looks forward to continuing his journey to being the best he can be in life using martial arts.

Brandi J.

“As the saying goes, “behind every great student is a great teacher.” GrandMaster Yu is indeed a great martial arts teacher with over 40 years of experience in guiding students to be their best. I am fortunate to be one of his students. Through GrandMaster Yu’s direct instruction, personal example and commitment to traditional martial arts principles, I have developed a martial arts worldview that has shaped me physically and mentally, and also as a caring and responsible human being.”

Master K.Carr, Oak Park

“Since enrolling my son, I have seen incredible growth in his self-confidence, self-respect and physical coordination. Indeed, he was being so enriched and having so much fun, I joined myself and have enjoyed learning the new skills tremendously. Earlier this summer, we were in California and practicing our techniques together on the beach. Nothing on TV beats that.”

Neal Rutstein, Oak Park

“It has been a blessing and life changing for our son to study with the Grand Master. Grand Master Yu truly values the “art” in martial arts, something we really appreciate our son learning. The dojo is a special place in our life, we feel so lucky to have found it.”

William Gale & Xue Tan

“My experience after having enrolled my son in Grandmaster Yu’s classes has been most enlightening. My son has truly blossomed as a young man and being involved in martial arts has given him a confidence that one definitely does not receive in school. In fact, it has helped him in his schooling, noticing a marked increase in his grades. Also contributing to this is the fact that Grandmaster Yu insists on seeing each child’s report cards. This one small act of caring on his part makes an enormous difference in the way my son’s grades have improved. This alone is worth every penny!!

“Another point I want to mention is that of making boys into men. I’ve noticed too much today boys either not behaving as boys and certainly not men, or they simply turn into insufferable bullies. Being involved in martial arts is much more than just exercise; it is the very essence of who one is. And to see a young boy turn into a most respectful young man is something that one typically is wont to see nowadays. Thank you, Grandmaster Yu!”

Mrs. B. Fischer, River Forest

“I have spent over 30 years training in the martial arts. Master Yu is the finest instructor I have had the privilege to work with. His technique, ability to explain, demonstrate and adapt technique to a students body type make him unique. He is also demanding of his students, he wants them to be their best and he will accept nothing less in both their attitude and abilities. I consistently drive over 6 hours to see him because I have never met a better teacher.”

Master Donald Weidendorf, Cleveland, OH

“Flexibility is a great benefit of attending classes at the dojhang which helps me with other sports I play, like soccer and baseball. I have more confidence and am able to think quickly to help my family and myself if approached by someone trying to harm us. I enjoy my time at the dojhang very much. ”

Iain, age 8.

“Taking martial arts with Grandmaster Yu has changed my life. He doesn’t just teach you how to kick and punch, but he teaches you a whole lifestyle. I am a much better person all around because of Master S.H. Yu martial arts.”

AJ – age 19

“I love going to Grandmaster Yu’s classes. I get to learn special techniques and also make lots of new friends. They are really great teachers. It’s helped my confidence in talking to other people.”

Barry, age 10

“Master Yu Martial Arts is a powerful community teaching physical and emotional health. Our son has sensory processing disorder and in karate class Master Yu and Master Wilson create a safe learning environment for each student to thrive. They lead by example, use positive reinforcement, and build relationships with the students. Kristopher’s coordination and core strength have improved, but more importantly, his self esteem and willingness to learn are at an all time high. We are grateful for the life lessons that he has learned at Master Yu Martial Arts classes.”

Danielle Villari Swets (mom to Kristopher age 5)