Sparring/Kicks/Conditioning Boot Camps

Led by Grand Master Yu these camps are only for current students, blue belt and above. Students will have the chance to activate and develop the muscle memory and agility needed for success in all their martial arts endeavors, especially in sparring situations, both in the ring and outside in self-defense.  You need not participate […]

Ninja Camp: For Children 5–12

Perfect for children of all skill levels, including children new to Martial Arts. Your Ninja in training will: Receive core martial arts training to promote body awareness, strength and flexibility. Develop large and fine motor skills through martial arts games, obstacle courses, outdoor adventures and “Ninja” training. Gain a deeper understanding of how martial arts […]

Master Classes with GrandMaster Yu

Master Classes with GrandMaster Yu, offered selectively throughout the year to registered students, blue belt and above, will isolate the artistic and technical essence of the various dimensions of our Martial Arts Practice. Based on the needs of current students, classes will highlight: Self Defense Techniques and Escape Strategies Traditional Forms Kumdo – Swordsmanship and […]

Airborne Kicks – Challenge Yourself – Add Speed, Height, Velocity!

GrandMaster Yu leads this “boot camp”-style workshop for any student who is ready to launch their kicks beyond their height. You will actually see and feel your technique improve before your eyes (and above your head!) Students receive “Personalized Kick Analysis” (PKA), gaining the confidence and ability to soar through a plateau, or achieve a new goal.

Artistic Weaponry: Twin Sticks and Nunchauks Defense Art

Guided by GrandMaster Yu, students easily learn self-defense skills using the twin sticks and nunchauks, along with artistic movement drawn from animals and nature. Experienced students of all ages have much to gain in this practical and dynamic workshop. Students will be taught according to skill level to ensure optimal skill development. Contact Master Yu […]