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President’s Day Camps & Training – 02.20.23

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts

Are you ready for some late-winter warm ups?? We will NOT be teaching our regular schedule of classes today, but we WILL be offering some special HOLIDAY TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES! Advance registration appreciated to plan and customize your curriculum! ARTISTIC WEAPONRY…

Promotion Test – March 2023

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts

Plan to Promote!  If you have studied consistently for the past 3 months, we believe that most students are ready to step forward to TEST and get promoted! Yippee! Detailed schedule: Children:  9:30am--12 or 12:30pm Teen & Adults:  1:00pm Let's…

Martial Arts Oak Park Promotion Ceremony

Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts

Congratulations to our students who proudly stepped forward to TEST in our quarterly March, 2023 Promotion Test!  Now it's our turn to be Proud, and to listen to your essays, and award and recognize your new belt rank! The essay…

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