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Essays: The Best Ways To Improve Myself Through Martial Arts Study

Essays: The Best ways to Improve Myself through Martial Arts Study

Clips from our March 2023 Essay Presentations:  What is the Best way to Improve Myself, and How can I accomplish this goal?

As ambitious martial artists, we are always looking for ways to improve, and everyone who stepped forward to present their essays had so many great ideas!  We proudly present a few highlights, which we will be updating along the way – these will get you started and might give you a positive JUMP on your SPRING TRAINING!  Here you go:

“I always look for ways to improve myself!  I set goals for myself, and I work hard to accomplish them.  I never doubt myself or my ability to reach my goals.  I never listen to anyone who makes me doubt myself.  I also try continuously to learn new skills and change my mindset to a positive state. I always ask for help if and when I need it.” – Tameem, Color Belt, age 10

“Well, first, to improve, you need to identify your problem with your technique, and then you need to problem-solve!  You need to carry out the methods that you found, and gauge if it was successful.  Do this however many times you may need.  Problem-solving is a lifelong skill you will always need.” – Cameron, Jr.Assistant Instructor, age 13

“I can improve by following the creed and doing what the creed says.  How to accomplish this is to read and write the creed until I memorize is and make it mine!” – Aaron, Color Belt, age 11

“I feel I lack focus sometimes: it is evident while doing homework or practicing piano.  This happens when there are other more interesting things I want to do, or when I don’t feel like doing the things that are good for me.  I can fix this by making a mental note of what’s distracting me in the moment, and come back to it later.  Doing this will help me get my tasks done quickly and efficiently.” – Ethan, White Belt, age 8

“The best way to improve myself is recognizing my weaknesses, and with constructive criticism, learn how to improve.  I remember to put my ego on hold and open my ears and heart so that I may continue to improve.” – Ryan, Color Belt, age 41

“There are plenty of ways I can improve myself, and I think that a good way to start is having the mindset or knowing that I need improvement!  It’s a good thing to know you aren’t always instantly perfect at something and you’ll need improvement on it.  I also think the best way to improve is to give and receive feedback; you might take your own advice and feedback, while helping others at the same time.” – Cencere, Color Belt, age 14

“Self-improvement comes from orienting myself towards something worthwhile and taking regular, small steps in that direction. You have to keep stringing pearls, adding beads, keep making things happen, for the story to go anywhere!  Sometimes thinking about the end goal can be overwhelming. The task can seem impossible, and we can be filled with self-doubt.  We know that we are capable of taking just one step, adding just one bead.  Not only does it feel possible, but taking action eventually becomes habit.  In Martial Arts, this approach is built in with our quarterly promotions.  We are lucky to have the path forward laid out for us, and to have our teachers and instructors as our guides.  All we have to do is go to the next class, register for the next test, and take the next step, string the next bead.  This is not easy: at times, my progress has slowed due to logistics or injuries or negative thoughts, but the opportunity to keep going is always there.  Choosing to take action is how we can improve and create something meaningful over time.” – Ms. Sandra, 1st Dan BlackBelt, age 43

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