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Karate Lessons For Kids

Promotion Day!

You have worked hard, taken your test, written your essay, and now it's time to get promoted!  We will have your promotions ready for you today (or earlier), and will give you your promotion when you come for class.  We…

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Martial Arts Program

Essay Question – December 2019

"Why is it important to have a Goal in our life, and how can we reach our goal?" This is an important skill and practice to develop at every age, and to review and revise regularly.  Enjoy reflecting on this…

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Promotion Ceremony November 2019

Promotion Ceremony

It's your Promotion Day, and our favorite event of the quarter!  Please gather with us in community before your holiday celebrations to celebrate YOU!  You Did it!  You came forward, you did the work, you showed up, you took the…

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Promotion Ceremony November 2019

Essay Question – September 2019

We are looking forward to celebrating with you at our Promotion Ceremony!  Have fun with this Essay Question! "Describe how your Martial Arts Practice has helped you outside of the Dojhang." If you're new to our Essays (or even if…

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Your September 2018 Essay is Here!

Impressive testing performance by all of our youth and children, many of whom brilliantly exemplified this concept through their preparation and practice over the summer! Congratulations to all the students who came forward or who will come forward to test!…

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Best Martial Arts

Essay Question – September 2016

Congratulations to all the children who came forward successfully to test on Saturday, September 10th for your Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts Oak Park promotion test!  We were so impressed with all of you!  You all gave it your best,…

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