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Staying True To Myself

Staying True to Myself

Updated on November 25th, 2019 at 12:17 pm

I can be my own hero by staying true to myself, setting goals to achieve a higher level of myself, and always helping and supporting others.  Staying true to myself is extremely important: this helps you to not let others’ opinions or negative energy affect you and your wellbeing.  I have been learning to be more self-confident, knowing that those people are not worth my time or worries.

Setting goals is also an important way to become my own hero because it gives you a chance to push harder and become a better version of yourself.  There is always room to grow and improve, and one of the best ways to become your own hero is to acknowledge that, and continue pursuing your aspirations.

Finally, always helping and supporting others is a key way to become your own hero.  As we all know, superheroes are for the Good of Humanity, and saving people from danger.  Just like them, we can all strive to be a little more caring, helpful, and kind in our daily lives.

-Zevdah, Age 14, freshman, OPRF High School

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