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How Can I Be My Own Hero?

How Can I Be My Own Hero?

Updated on May 16th, 2022 at 06:04 pm

Congratulations to all the martial arts and karate students who stepped up for Promotion this Spring!  We honor your dedication!  We are inspired by your consistency!  We love how you take your practice to heart!  You definitely gave the Best of the Best in your response to the essay question, ” How Can I Be My Own Hero”.  Certainly this is a time when we all need a hero or two 🙂

It was so difficult to choose excerpts for this post, since all of you wrote with your usual sincerity and nobility of spirit.  We present a topline of the most inspiring words spoken in Oak Park on Friday, June 15, 2018!

How to be Our Own Heroes

“To be your own hero, think of others before you think of yourself.” -Shawn, age 12


“Being my own hero doesn’t mean I have to save my or another’s life: if I have to, I will, but it can also be as simple as just choosing to be healthy or giving a helping hand to someone in need.  As long as I’m helping myself and others, that’s what I think it means to be my own hero.”-Santiago, age 11


“In my opinion, the first step in being your own hero is being confident with who you are.  The second is doing things you actually enjoy so you can get good at them, and the last is staying healthy.  This means eating the right food, getting exercise, having good personal hygiene.  These will all give you happiness and you can become your own hero!”-Josie, age 12


“To be my own hero, the first thing I think of is being proud of who I am and who I will become. As much as my success is for others who want me to succeed, and for whom I set an example, I mainly do it for myself.” -Kirsten, age 15


“I can be a hero by doing good for others, just because.  I am a Super Girl!”-Abigail, age 8


“Being a hero requires a strong body, a strong will to achieve, and a strong mind. When you combine these three qualities, you can accomplish heroic deeds.”-Ryan, age 10


“To be a hero to myself, I must have lots of courage in myself, while doing the things that frighten me the most. Having outstanding achievements is also heroic, as is having noble qualities such as composure, being fearless, deliberate, intelligent, and truthful.  This is how I can be my own hero to myself.”-Penelope, age 11


“The ONLY way to be my own hero is to BE MYSELF.”-Claudia, age 10


“How to be my own hero:  Be kind to others, Try your Best, Never Give Up!” -Patrick, age 6


“Being a hero means to have courage, faith and kindness.  A hero needs courage to not be afraid, Faith to believe, and Kindness to do what is right.”-Daniel, age 9


“A hero is nice and kind to others.  A hero is also helpful when other people are stuck.  They are courageous and put other people first.  They are also intelligent.”-Russell, age 9


“It is important to know thyself and not let others define you.  As the darkness surrounds, seek light and never give into fear.  We do not know our full journey, nor are we controlled by the gods.  The outcome is not decided by fate.  One thing is certain: all experience joy and suffering.  To be ones own hero is to understand this suffering and to be ones own advocate and avatar.  Do not look towards others for fulfillment, but look within for strength.”-AnnMarie, age 34.


“We all have a hero inside of us, but we also have a villain. In order to be my own hero, I must be able to save myself from my own villainous thoughts of fear and self-doubt.”-Instructor Stefan, age 26


“Many heroes share our creed: ‘Be courageous, uphold justice’…heroes throughout history knew what was wrong and chose to do something about it.  The actions they took were always what was necessary. Our self-defense techniques always begin with a block, teaching us that fighting is the last resort.  If we want to make peace, the first tool a hero uses is making peaceful action.  When peace is not possible, they are willing to put themselves in danger so the song of justice can be heard.  On reflection, my method on being my own hero is to develop a voice for justice and be a giving spirit.”-Instructor Lucas, age 16


“We are all heroes in our own ways once we step outside of our comfort zone.  I can be my own hero by taking full responsibility for the quality of my life: I’m the one who is making the decisions in my life.  I’m the one in charge of my thoughts, words and actions.  No one else can hold any power over us unless we choose to give them that power.  We owe it to ourselves to make things happen for us.”-Sr. Felipe, age 37


“A hero is someone who is strong both physically and mentally, courageous, makes smart decisions and is brave.  In my life my heroes are my Mom & Dad.  I can become my own hero by making smart choices, coming to the dojhang as much as possible, and being brave when I am scared.  I show courage by standing up for myself and my friends and standing up for my beliefs.”-Julian, age 10


How You Can Be Your Own Hero

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