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Instructor Spotlight: Mrs. Linda Abrams

Instructor Spotlight: Mrs. Linda Abrams

Updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 02:21 pm

A Martial Artist’s Promotion, Day-by-Day

At this time of promotion, looking back at the path that has brought me here, there have been many lessons along the way, both physical, mental and spiritual. As a white belt in 2003, I struggled, having lost several family members.  Martial Arts led me through my grief.  The physical movements, mental focus and discipline helped me find a path when I was feeling overwhelmed and lost.  As I continued to build my physical strength and develop my techniques, I struggled with my memory, always nervous before a test.

When I started training for my red belt, I knew I would never remember my free sparring techniques!  Throughout this process, Sr. GrandMaster Yu has encouraged me, pushed me to be better, and cared for me.  His wisdom and teaching have allowed me to become the person I am today.  His patience in helping me learn has inspired me and my passion for teaching others.

Learning from Sr. GrandMaster Yu

Two lessons that stand out for me are, “Be a White Belt“, or bring an open mind for learning with you at all times.  The second is, “Be Observant: Look, watch and learn from others.  Monitor yourself to make the changes you continually need to make.” There is always something to improve.   We complete every test by breaking a board: the culmination of each phase of learning, a focusing of our power to breakthrough a wood board!  This for me symbolizes the focus and breaking through I must do internally, pushing myself past my limitations, self-doubt, and perceived obstacles: apply myself to Be My Best!

– Mrs. Linda Abrams, 3rd Dan, level 5, Oak Park, Spring 2016

(Mrs. Abrams is Mom to 3 adult children, including 4th Dan Junior Master, Miss Elana; she is the creative potter behind Linda Abrams Pottery)

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