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Get Ready To Grow With Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts In Oak Park!

Get Ready to Grow with Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts in Oak Park!

Updated on January 7th, 2020 at 08:06 am

In gratitude, as the year winds down, time to reflect and prepare.  Time to Get Ready for the success that is on the way.  We get essays, inspiring, excellent thinking from all the students.  Here are a few of our recent favorites:

What is the meaning of “Jum-bee”, and how is it important to your Martial Arts practice?

by: June, Age 9.  “Jumbee” means to ‘ready your mind’ and, ‘your whole body’ for what is to come. “Jum-bee” can also mean to get ready, and stay ready.

In my Martial Arts Oak Park practice, “Jumbee” means pay attention, repeat, and most importantly, get ready.  This helps me to focus and learn each form.

“Jumbee is also important in many other aspects of life.  One example, “Jumbee” means to prepare for a special occasion.  If I could just listen to the word, “Jumbee” every time that I need to prepare for something, the job would be so much easier.  Before a test, I usually practice a lot and study the content of the test.  This would be my “Jumbee”.

Not only in my personal life does “Jumbee” matter, but the whold world could get ready to follow “Jumbee”.  The whole world should reduce fossil fuels and use solar energy and wind energy to reduce global warming.  We can reduce carbon dioxide, too.  All this preparation helps the Earth.  All because of “Jumbee”.

by: Elizabeth, age 12.  “Jumbee is the ready stance.  Any student would know that.  But there is a much deeper meaning.  Jumbee is the mental preparation that leads to your protection.  Why is it important?  In class, Jumbee gives you a second to switch gears and focus on the task at hand, whether that be forms or self-defense.  Jumbee is like the “5-6-7-8” before a dance routine.  It gives a moment to prepare.  Outside class, being ready is important for self-protection.  If you’re always ready, then you’re less likely to be attacked, and you’re more likely to defeat your opponent.

by: Ishani, age 8.  “Jumbee” means to be ready.  It is important to be ready because when you are ready, you know what to do.  Also, when you are ready you are not surprised of what is coming your way.  When you are not surprised, you are also confident, brave, focused, and happy.  You also perform well when you are prepared and ready.

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