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How To Begin Your Martial Arts Practice

How to Begin your Martial Arts Practice

Recently, the parent of an 8-year-old boy described her son as “painfully shy, quiet, and reserved”….could martial arts help him to embrace courage and confidence?

Another parent of a vivacious, high-energy, super-charged 10-year-old wondered if martial arts training could guide his child to become centered, self-regulated, and focused.

Mom & Dad of a teenage girl feel like they are losing touch with their daughter – they came seeking a healthy regular activity they could do together but not necessarily be together every moment – plus they are concerned about her safety and ability to protect herself if necessary.

Traditional Martial Arts practice has high appeal in all these scenarios and many more, athletes, professionals, students, young, not young…..this practice embraces all and benefits all – it IS diversity.  It is the great equalizer: the original body/mind/spirit connection began with martial arts practice:

The shy become bold and confident;

The tough aggressor finds humility and joy;

Families and siblings studying together develop strong relationships, understanding & shared experience;

The combination of blocking, striking, kicking, flowing movements create physical and mental agility for all ages; you’re using your imagination in a new way!

After 12 weeks, there is significant muscle memory, and sensory awareness sharpens.  The student now has the basic skills of self-defense.

How to begin?  Use your imagination (martial arts is really a kind of imaginative play – you are the star of your own documentary!)   Decide. Don’t Delay. Give yourself a chance.


Now it’s your turn. Time to Learn from a Legend.


-Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts, NOT Sport