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7 Benefits Of Martial Arts For Women

7 Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

Updated on January 7th, 2020 at 07:39 am

No matter who we are, focused self-defense is an integral aspect of the martial arts, whether it is tae kwon do, karate, kumdo or Kung Fu. Women are increasingly investing significant time, energy and determination dedicating to study and practice of the martial arts.

The Advantages of Learning Martial Arts

Despite all the hoopla surrounding famed women martial artists, the average female has increased investment and opportunity to benefit from studying the martial arts. Whether you are a young adult, professional or middle aged, learning the martial arts has significant advantages.

Firstly, the martial arts offer numerous styles. Women whose interests are remotely piqued by the martial arts can look into the various forms and pick one that fits best. Martial Art, in it’s essence, no matter the form or style, has as it’s foundation health and unity of body, mind, and spirit.  Dedicating to this core tenet of martial arts practice in itself brings increased poise, attention, and awareness, not to mention physical techniques, that can be used in situations to defend and protect oneself.

Taekwondo is popular for sport, but true taekwondo practice through history, promotes physical and mental well-being with artistic expression and body-alignment.  Karate, an all-too-familiar term, focuses on hand and upper body-joint strikes, punching and kicking. You may have heard of Kumdo (aka Gumdo), which is the forerunner to Japanese Kendo, originally from the 3-Kingdoms of Ancient Korea.

Like Kendo, JuJitsu and Aikido are Japanese martial arts. Judo, now an Olympic sport, relies on grappling and throwing techniques.

As a curious, potential student of the martial arts, you have plenty of options from which to forge your path in this powerful discipline. No matter which martial art you choose to focus upon, the benefits are tangible, enduring, and remarkable.

1. Gain Self-Defense Tacticsaikido-hapkido moves

Women who pursue martial arts studies learn useful self-defense maneuvers. Judo and Jui Jitsu teach the diligent student how to defend herself using learned techniques—as opposed to employing immense strength. Women inevitably tap into their innate capability to defeat menacing attackers who are much larger than them.

2. Develop Overall Self-Confidence

Empower yourself by studying the martial arts. Your confidence levels will spike, as you incorporate moves that allow you to defend yourself. Eliminate feelings of  doubt and fear by learning a time-honored skill. Boost your self-esteem in the process, too. You will build mental fortitude, as you climb through the belt ranks. Plus, through studying any form of martial arts, your ability to self-control will transform, allowing you to enhance & promote your self-discipline in daily life. This is also a martial arts benefit for all adults.

3. Improve Socialization Skills

If you feel out of place socially, martial arts group classes offer a family-type atmosphere in which to socialize, as we are all in it together, and follow the same standards of respect & etiquette. The group structure permits the development of close bonds with fellow students. The camaraderie built between dedicated pupils who train together can last a lifetime. Motivate and inspire one another as you overcome challenges and work toward advancing in the ranks and towards your personal goals.

4. Boost Physical Health

Every martial arts and karate class requires robust physical stamina—and you will gradually develop or build strength in ways that promote total-body wellness and balanced musculature.   Quality martial arts workouts include interval training, cardio and flexibility that build optimum endurance. An active warmup/stretching sequence at the start of each class helps women stay limber, even as we age.

Motor skills are developed through the practice of martial arts. As women advance in years, improved motor skills shield them from debilitating, age-related injuries that are often a consequence of physical accidents.

You will burn calories through the total body workout in martial arts classes. An hour-long class that requires moderately intense activity can burn up to 500 calories.

Engage in high-aerobic activities, where each muscle in the body receives training. Build muscle tone, improve reflexes and increase balance through practicing the martial arts in a class setting.

5. Relieve Stress

Undoubtedly, stress can accumulate during the day, whether it’s due to our career or demanding lifestyle. Practicing the martial arts in a learning environment gives women the opportunity to unleash, unwind and relax. Women often see a drastic improvement in their moods as a result of martial arts practice. The endorphins released through a martial arts lesson will counter the day’s stress, leaving you stress-free.

6. Learn Mindfulness

Many traditional martial arts schools incorporate meditation. By engaging in meditation and mindfulness, women learn to become focused, while still staying challenged. The mindfulness allows you to notice your weaknesses, so you can address them. Martial arts studies are known to help the female gender stay safe, as mindfulness develops the sixth sense when it comes to assessing surroundings.

7. Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Simply by participating in the martial arts, women start to adjust their eating habits. Serious martial arts students learn how to balance their intake of minerals, proteins, carbs, vitamins, supplements and fats. The results of enhanced nutrition are many: better supported immune system, quicker recovery periods and sustaining a healthy bodyweight.

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