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Annual Best Of The Best Awards – 2018

Annual Best of the Best Awards – 2018

Updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 02:38 pm

There was excitement and thrills in the air during a recent Saturday Morning Class – we recognized 2018’s BEST of the BEST.  You saw them working all year, pushing through the difficulties, striving to reach their goals, managing school work and family responsibilities to make time for their martial arts and karate training.

Awards of Excellence

We are so proud of this elite group of children and youth, who consistently, with a positive mind, strong determination, and pure grit, have risen to be the Best of all of our Best! Congratulations to all our winners and their parents.  We appreciate you, and we pledge to do our BEST to keep you in the winner’s circle, as you inspire the rest of us to Be the Best of the Best.

From left to right:

Honored Martial Artist 2018:  Rohan, age 7

Color Belt of the Year 2018:  Julian, age 10

2018 Most Highly Honorable Martial Artist Overall:  Lucas, 3rd Dan, age 17

Student of the Year 2018:  Robbie, age 11

Honored Junior Instructor 2018:  Santiago, age 11

Honored Color Belt 2018:  Abigail, age 8

4 of our Oak Park Martial Arts Adult Program Instructors were also given a citation for exemplary service and dedication in developing the junior martial artists (not pictured here):

Bu Sabom Nim: Mr. Adi

High Rank Instructor: Mr. Roger

Instructor: Ms. Andie

Assistant Instructor: Mr. Eric

Congratulations on your recognition!

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