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Living Our Creed – Schedule Update

Living our Creed – Schedule Update

Updated on March 16th, 2020 at 09:32 am

Dear Martial Arts Family,

In our effort to stay present to our collective well-being, and in compliance with state and village directives, effective immediately, all group classes and lessons are cancelled, including our Spring Promotion Ceremony scheduled for Friday, March 20th.

We appreciate your dedication to your martial arts study at the Dojhang, and continue to encourage you to Live your Martial Artist’s Lifestyle: Boost your vitality and health from the inside out by making healthy choices, following your martial artist’s creed, getting enough rest, staying active, challenging yourself, and helping others do the same.  Let us all embrace this chance to preserve our health.  You are all walking examples of the benefits of a Strong Mind, Healthy Body, Generous Heart, and Steadfast Spirit.  We must use these gifts to do good.

Finally, be attentive to the elderly in your life and in our community by checking on them and doing for them.  They are truly valuable and vulnerable, deserving our highest respect and attention.

As Senior GrandMaster Yu says often, “You are our LIFE!”; Our purpose is always your success.  All of us will be waiting for you to recharge and reignite your practice.  Please stay in touch through social media, email, text, phone;  Look for our posts with your personalized at-home practice ideas!  We will pass successfully through this challenge together.  #liveyourcreed #bethebestofthebest #martialartsfamily

Good Energy, Healthy Vibes and NinjaLove,

Senior GrandMaster Yu and,

Your dedicated team of local Senior Masters and  Master Instructors

photo courtesy of Vaclav Rus,


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