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9 Reasons To Study Martial Arts

9 Reasons to Study Martial Arts

Famed martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “The successful martial artist is the average person, with laser-like focus.” Clearly, becoming a warrior in one’s own right is accessible to every individual, whether it is through learning kung fu, tae kwon do, judo or any one of the various martial arts disciplines.

Anyone can embrace practicing martial arts. But as in all new endeavors, studying this time-honored discipline takes focus and dedication. The beginning martial arts student requires reasons to remain dedicated to the discipline. Here are 9 reasons to study and continue studying martial arts.

1. Hone Self-Defense Skills – Why Now, during Covid-19 Sheltering?

Learning how to defend ourselves from danger and overcoming fears is a great motivator to embrace an empowering martial arts practice, focused on creating orderly thinking, mental and physical discipline, and getting our bodies to move in healthy ways.  Children, Women and Men acquire valuable self-defense techniques, become more confident in their ability to defeat seen and unseen danger.

This time of sheltering, as stressful as it is in so many ways, has given us the opportunity to revisit our goals, and make reflective decisions about how we spend our time.  Children and Adults in our online classes have proven their ability to engage with their skills and their physical capabilities in new ways.  We recognize Martial Arts as being a continuous journey of building better life skills.  We have also tapped into the stress-relief and sheer joy that comes from the level of concentration required during skill reinforcement and development!

Martial arts students learn not only practical self-defense techniques, they develop new ways of thinking that help them anticipate and avoid likely threats. When thrown into a dangerous situation, we martial arts practitioners have the built-up reflexes, instincts,  and mind/muscle memory to stand up for ourselves and defend.

Adversities are found in any number of unlikely settings, including the boardroom, school, or being taken out of our routines.   While knowing when to retreat, avoid, or defend is critical to handling dangerous situations, confronting everyday difficulties with poise is another benefit of studying the martial arts.

2. Build Self-Discipline

Kids Martial Arts Classes Oak Park

Advancing in any discipline, including the martial arts, is built through daily effort and repetition. Students practice a set of moves hundreds of times in order to achieve mastery. In the process, technique and stamina are built. Students learn that progression occurs through their own efforts.

Not all martial arts students feel like sparring daily; but by working to master a technique or form, they learn the value of commitment and develop the determination to continue to excel. By participating in a series of classes, private lessons, or a combination of these,  the martial arts student is rewarded with humility and unwavering self-discipline.

3. Practice Year-Round

While some sports are seasonal, the martial arts are always in-season, and can be practiced on a consistent schedule throughout the year. In fact, 99 percent of training is done indoors. Given the accessibility to martial arts study, in our online classes, and our eventual return to live classes, both discipline and skill sets are built in a shorter timeframe than many team sports.

4. Learn Gender Equality

Men and women practice martial arts with equal fervor. Women advance through the ranks as rapidly as men. The same is true for young children—both boys and girls. Families who aim to participate in a discipline where the genders are equal choose martial arts classes.  Martial Arts is a great equalizer, as we recognize each other as fellow artists, classmates, and respectful practitioners.  Our Student Creed reinforces this as well!

5. Engage the Family

Most martial arts programs offer classes for youth and adults. While the children learn, parents watch and vice versa. Through training, the entire family receives a substantial physical workout that engages the mind. When at home, children and adults have every opportunity to practice techniques and experience bonding.

6. Relieve Stress

Children in Martial Arts Class

After practices filled with kicking and punching exercises and the shouting that accompanies them, martial arts students experience a surge of well-being. Students relieve major physical, emotional, and mental stresses through the concentrated focus and breath control that are required to practice the martial arts: Perhaps needed Now more than ever!

7. Experience Personal Growth

As physically and mentally demanding as hardcore martial arts training may be, students show consistent growth from the experience.  Our expectations, appropriate to each student, are high and emphasize each student’s strengths: traditional martial arts training demands that students are pushed to slightly exceed their comfort level. By attempting and succeeding at feats they never imagined possible, we see amazing character development.

Integral to martial arts study is learning to accept constructive guidance from instructors. Dealing with failure is also intrinsic to learning the sport. By throwing themselves into the study of martial arts, practitioners are forced to deal with problems. Solutions extend beyond the classroom and into daily life.

It takes courage to pursue a martial arts discipline. Students discover truths about themselves as they move their bodies with grace and power. Being present is necessary to succeed. Combining courage, efficiency of movement and being fully aware helps students discover their authentic “Center”, promoting harmony of mind and body.

8. Acquire Social Skills

Normally, studying the martial arts is done in a group environment. Students train alongside other students who possess similar goals. As a result, class members learn and grow together. Children especially benefit, as they learn to resolve conflict, work with others and develop new friendships. Siblings who study together discover newfound ways to “Love and Respect Each other”(#10 of our Student Creed!).

9. Improve Physical Health

Engaging in martial arts classes helps students stay in peak physical health. Each class starts with active warmup stretch sequences specific to readying the muscles for martial arts success, and depending on the level, are followed by sparring or other mind/body movement sequencing and self-defense combinations.  Regularly practicing technical drills strengthens core muscles, overall fitness, and increases flexibility. During this time of quarantine, you can embrace these benefits by following our Daily Practice Schedule, or, make a plan to join us in person when we are cleared to reopen safely!

Being similar to high intensity interval training, studying the martial arts leads to improved heart health, lowers cholesterol and helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Students who perform repetitions of high kicks or ground maneuvering experience improved flexibility and ease of mobility. Being limber has its own benefits: improved posture,  a reduced risk of injury and muscle soreness, and functional movement ability.  Flexibility also leads to increased relaxation of mind and body.

Study Martial Arts with Sr. GrandMaster S.H. Yu


Those who embark on a journey toward self-mastery and peak physical health through studying the martial arts have plenty of choices. Classes, like those offered at Sr. GrandMaster S.H. Yu Martial Arts, are geared toward learning any number of impressive styles, from kung fu to judo to ancient weapons training.

Sr. GrandMaster S.H. Yu Martial Arts features a wide range of exhilarating martial arts classes for kids, teens and adults. When you’d rather hone your skills individually, private martial arts lessons are available to take your skills on a consistent and practical upgrade. Whether your goal is to reach your personal best or enjoy a good workout, our martial arts classes meet a range of your goals for personal development.

Lifelong learners choose Sr. GrandMaster S.H. Yu Martial Arts for the best in martial arts classes. Our dedicated instructors help students challenge themselves while reaping the myriad of benefits of studying the martial arts in a supportive environment.

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