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Snow Day! Happy February!

Snow Day! Happy February!

All Lessons & Classes cancelled today, Feburary 2 …… Hope everyone is enjoying the snow! Get out there and play, stay safe, and enjoy your day off.

Set up your dojhang at home today, or any day:  20-20-20-20: KneeHugs, Push-ups, Cranes (White Cranes today!), and Sit-ups; Basic Kicking in your own space, or supine: 5-10 each side (depending on your age/level!); Kicks to do?  You name it!!  Stance Contest: try holding your horse, back, and front stance for 2 minutes! If that’s easy, add some LOW triangle stances, and start counting…..

While you wait, infuse your tiger mind with empowering thoughts to strengthen and improve your body, mind & spirit.  Two of our favorites:  “Every Day, in Every Way, I am getting better and better!” or, “Martial Arts Excellence brings me Excellence Everywhere!”  or, Create Your Own…..What’s your favorite empowering statement?  Share with us!

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