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Achieve & Get Recognized

A Back-to-School Message from Sr. GrandMaster Yu We have spent a wonderful, joy filled summer together, filled with new discoveries, new skills, new friends, a few sore muscles (!) and now we have some new ambitions!  Always remember Who You…

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Karate Classes For Kids

How to Begin your Martial Arts Practice

Recently, the parent of an 8-year-old boy described her son as “painfully shy, quiet, and reserved”….could martial arts help him to embrace courage and confidence? Another parent of a vivacious, high-energy, super-charged 10-year-old wondered if martial arts training could guide…

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Stretching for Spring!

We're getting set for our Promotion Test on 3/8/14: The Saturday class rocks an Active Stretch sequence to create long, lean, healthy martial artist's muscles. Flexibility in your body/mind creates a physical/mental "safe space" to successfully manage and rise above…

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