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Nutrition for Martial Arts Excellence

True Practitioners of the martial arts are physically and mentally strong. Staying fit with endurance building strategies and maintaining muscle strength are requirements for performing the countless sequences that lend vibrancy and purpose to our discipline. Nourishing the body with the…

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How to Prevent Injuries in Martial Arts

The martial arts employs skilled techniques, sequencing, and programming, designed directly by Sr. GrandMaster Yu for our students, makes injuries a rare occurrence at our Dojhang.  However, there are some injuries such as bruises and sprains the can occur despite…

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Young Martial Arts Students At A Young Age

When Should Kids Start Martial Arts?

One of the most controversial topics among martial arts and self-defense schools is at what age should kids begin studying martial arts. Many parent’s opinions are also varied; some believe as early as possible while others believe that too early…

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Evening Adventure: Martial Arts for Me

Spending the evening pursuing personal goals, fitness, and family time is probably high on the list of most professional adults.  We have been programmed to make the most of our time, and we pride ourselves on making healthy choices for…

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Why Do I Need Martial Arts Training?

One late evening, while working late again, it dawns on you:  You want to journey somewhere, use your imagination, experience a faraway culture, get strong & flexible (physically & mentally), learn some skills that can help you in times of…

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Promote Yourself!

Today we gather with our Martial Arts Family: teachers, parents, students and friends, to celebrate your successful achievement into new discovery and responsibility!  Discovery of how strong, poised and capable you can become, and Responsibility that comes through knowledge, experience…

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Promotion: Elevate, Advance, Excel

The Meaning of Promotion We heard so many inspiring essays, watched you present with confidence, and saw the sparkle of your new belt, imbued with your determination, implanted with your new goals to elevate and advance, to be better today…

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